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Re: RFC: initscript policy proposal

On Fri 03 Nov 2000, Henrique M Holschuh wrote:

> Proposed script interfaces (to be rewritten as manpages):
> invoke-rc.d [options] <basename> <action>

> 	*)      case ${state} in
> 		    ;;
> 		II) ACTION=$i
> 		    ;;
> 		*)  printerror syntax error: extra parameter \"$i\"
> 		    exit 103
> 		    ;;

Nowhere in policy do I see that it is forbidden to pass extra
parameters. However, your invoke-rc.d does in fact explicitly
forbid it (it prints an error and exits with 103).

I can think of a situation where a package may have more than
one daemon, and upon upgrading only one of those daemon must
be restarted. Calling the init.d script with the parameters
"restart daemonname" might be a very useful solution, one that
is not possible with your current scheme.

> ## sanity checks and just-in-case warnings.
> case ${ACTION} in
>     start|stop|force-stop|restart|restart-if-running|reload|force-reload|status)
> 	;;
>     *)
> 	printerror action ${ACTION} is unknown, but proceeding anyway.
> 	;;
> esac

Here you test for unknown actions, and continue anyway. Not very
consistent with the exit 103 above?

Paul Slootman
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