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Re: X 4.0.1 what's the deal?

  actually dexter does quite good job. the problem is that the upgrade
of X does not install new server, at least it did not on my machine, so
I was left with 3.3.6 server, only after I ran apt-get install
xserver-xfree86 I got new server.

  all (most?) X 3.3.6 packages were upgraded to their 4.0.1 equivalents
except of x server, and the new server wasn't even installed (it took me
few hours to figure it out with the help of messages on the list).

  the install of xserver-xfree86 runs dexter which is farily easy, and X
was suddenly working (it added Driver "tdfx" and all the rest).

  but imagine my horror when I, while X was running, looked at the
config file and found NO modelines! just like those cartoon characters
that suddenly realize there's no ground under their feet:-)) then I
found in docs that there are implicit modelines for common modes now...

  but why are only very strange resolutions offered by dexter?


"Thomas Bushnell, BSG" wrote:
> "Terry Katz" <katz@advanced.org> writes:
> > To get the voodoo3 working, you need to add a 'Driver' line to you
> > XF86Config file, to use the 'tdfx' driver .. Find the Device section that
> > starts off the 'Generic Graphics Device' and simply add 'Driver "tdfx"'...
> > The tdfx driver provides v3 accel support.. (Note, I had just wiped out my
> > old XF86Config, and ran dexter which rebuilt it..mostly..)
> Information like this needs to get added to the packages; before the
> release of woody, I think there should be an automated tool to convert
> an XF86Config.
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