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shared c-client problems

I maintain php4 for Debian. As you know, there is plenthora of different
modules for it, many shared libs and such. And there is one problem with them.

The problem is, that when I link the ldap extension with OpenLDAPv2 and
c-client library (dynamicly), than when both modules are loaded, apache
crashes when using imap_* functions of php4. After a bit of mailing with php4
authors the bug was identified as "buggy" libc-client. If c-client is staticly
linked with imap module, it works OK, no segfaults (at least not the former
100% sure one). But that's not an option, as the module would have some 750kiB
instead of80kiB.

Anyone can help solve this c-client vs. openldap issue?

Many thanks
				Petr Cech
P.S. for now it's workaround by linking ldap extension with openldap v1, which
doesn't make BenC happy
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