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Re: squid's async-io (was Re: Ancient squid and unattentive maintainer)

In article <20001103160337.A2787@thefoots.com>,
Jeff Lightfoot  <jeffml@pobox.com> wrote:
>Very interesting.  My squid server was just upgraded to SMP yesterday
>and the results are the same.
>debian squid (with --enable-async-io) - 200K max
>This was on an SMP machine.  No errors, just dog slow.
>squid recompiled (without --enable-async-io) - very fast

I just tried to reproduce this, and put a 1 MB file on the office
webserver. Using wget to get the file:

http_proxy=http://proxy.cistron-office.nl:8080/ wget -O - http://www.cistron-office.nl/beheer/testfile > /dev/null

00:06:42 (7.41 MB/s) - `-' saved [1048576/1048576]

That's a factor 37 faster than your test shows.
The proxy server is a single CPU 300 Mhz Pentium II ...

However, I just tried our main proxy server which is a dual CPU
PIII 450, and it only get about 350 Kbyte/sec. This is weird and
something I didn't expect - looks like SMP machines actually run
slower with the threaded code.

This is with a 2.2.16 kernel - I'll reboot into a 2.2.18pre19
kernel tonight (after "the Outer Limits" ;) ) to see if that

People get the operating system they deserve.

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