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Re: ITP: its4

* David Z Maze (dmaze@MIT.EDU) [001106 00:01]:
> Andreas Schuldei <andreas@schuldei.org> writes:
> AS> (c) You may build derived versions of this software under the
> AS> restrictions stated in Section 2, Restrictions, of this license. The
> AS> derived versions must be clearly marked as such and must be called by
> AS> a name other than ITS4. ITS4 and "It's The Software, Stupid!" are
> AS> trademarks of Cigital, Inc.
> This sounds awfully similar to the license pine ships with; this
> paragraph means, among other things, that naming the Debian package
> 'its4' is a violation of the license.  It's unclear to me whether it
> could be included in Debian at all, even in non-free.

We do not derive anything. We compile and distribute the software and include
the license, as permitted. That is not the problem.

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