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Re: squid's async-io (was Re: Ancient squid and unattentive maintainer)

In article <20001103061301.A2254@thefoots.com>,
Jeff Lightfoot  <jeffml@pobox.com> wrote:
>I'm currently running Woody and not sure if it is related to it or not.
>Access to my squid cache was maxing out at 200K/second when my network
>can handle 10M/second.
>After downloading the source and removing --enable-async-io from
>configure, I now get 10M/second from squid.
>I checked the Squid FAQ and it mentions that --enable-async-io doesn't
>work to well with Linux so I'm wondering why we use it.  Maybe this is
>related to the libc problems in unstable?

Well I turned it on because I'm running it on SMP machines. And
unfortunately there's no run-time tunable for async / no async

>I didn't file a bug against squid because I hate to look stupid if it
>is user error.  If it is indeed a real bug, I'll be glad to file it.

It might be, but the fix will be: upgrade to squid 2.4, and I'm
still waiting for the squid people to release 2.4-STABLE

Perhaps I should package 2.4-DEVEL for woody in the hope that
2.4-STABLE will appear before woody gets frozen ?

People get the operating system they deserve.

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