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Re: ITP: inetdconf

Anthony Towns schrieb:
> On Thu, Oct 12, 2000 at 08:39:58PM +0200, Arthur Korn wrote:
> > Request a inet-super-server on debian-policy (tell them what you
> > need it for, they will probably like it). [...]
> Look, the problem isn't knowing what process to go through, it's finding
> time to write the code in a way that works well.

I just stated what I think would be the Right Thing(TM). I am
perfectly aware of the fact that most of us (including me) have
limited time and sometimes just haven't got any time at all for
debian work. I am aware as well that update-inet.d is a lot more
complex than syslog-facility.

In short: no offense ment.

ciao, 2ri
Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned
in school.                              -- A. Einstein

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