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Re: Getting current keymap

Hi Miros/law!

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Miros/law `Jubal' Baran wrote:

> 12.09.2000 pisze Torsten Landschoff (torsten@pclab.ifg.uni-kiel.de):
> > Don't change that. Beginners would be very confused if the keytable
> > is not working as expected. Not everybody can work with a US keyboard
> > table if the need arises. 
> > Debian should try to get more user friendly instead of getting uglier
> > I think.
> Setting keymap _before_ /usr is mounted is an interesting approach to
> the system boot schema design, because include statements are in most
> keymap files (what can result in broken keymap).
> Keyboard mapping should be set up early, but _after_ /usr partition is
> mounted. 

This may be correct from a technical POV. But it can be a horror
for a user.

e.g. the fsck on /usr fails and the user has to correct this problem by
manually running fsck and what else.

Having to enter the root password (that should contain special chars
after all) with a keyboard layout you're not used to and without
echoing can be /really/ difficult, if it is possible at all for our

I think setting the keymap as early as possible is a good thing.


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