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Re: why apt/dpkg not using bzip2

Ben Collins wrote:
> > I'll bet I can get better results using cvs than are possible with DBS.
> Maybe you can, because that is what you prefer. I don't feel like setting
> up a CVS repo to do my package maintainence, since that means I tie myself
> down to one machine, or have to setup ssh or pserver so I can work on it from
> anywhere, and that assumes I have a net accessible development system.
> Sorry, but that's just not possible for most folks.

Every debian developer has an account on cvs.debian.org, in which they can
set up their own cvs repository, if they wish.

> I bet I get better results with what I have, since I use it day-to-day,
> and it does everything I need to do.

I've extensively used both systems (except the system I used was called
".src.rpm" -- same backwards design as DBS though). CVS is far more
effective. Just another data point.

> I already have a new README.build that I am
> putting in all my packages, which will document how I have things setup.
> That takes away most of the problems.

This effectively turns the debian source package system into the
following: "Unpack this tarball, and apply those patches. Then, search
the result for something that looks like a documentation file. You may
have to perform arbitrary steps to actually get to the source. They are
not consistent at all between packages, and may require you run complex,
untrusted programs before you can even _see_ the source."

I don't feel this is acceptable.

see shy jo

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