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Re: Problems with mail system? [Fwd: Returned mail: User unknown]

8.09.2000 pisze Branden Robinson (branden@debian.org):

> > I am now very turned off because instead of seeing a bunch of
> > bright developers, I'm seeing a voluminous amount of off-topic
> > flaming.

> Welcome to Debian.

``What is Debian. How do you define Debian? If you're talking about what
  you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then
  Debian is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. This is
  the world that you know. The world as it was at the end of the
  twentieth century. It exists now only as part of a neural-interactive
  simulation that we call the Matrix. You've been living in a dream
  world, Neo. This is the world as it exists today...
  Welcome to the Desert of the Real. We have only bits and pieces of
  information but what we know for certain is that at some point in the
  early twenty-first century all of mankind was united in celebration.
  We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to Debian


best regards,

[ Miros/law L Baran, baran-at-knm-org-pl, neg IQ, cert AI ] [ 0101010 is ]
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               Humans use walking canes when they grow old.

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