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Re: Problems with mail system? [Fwd: Returned mail: User unknown]

>>"Micheal" == Michael S Fischer <michael@dynamine.net> writes:

 Micheal> I just joined the debian-devel list yesterday, all excited about being
 Micheal> able to possibly contribute code and insights to the installation
 Micheal> system to make it more palatable to those who would like to install
 Micheal> the OS in < 5 minutes a la Kickstart/Jumpstart.  Maybe I'd even build
 Micheal> some .debs for software for which there are none yet.

	Actally, the naivette inherent in these assumptions is rather
 touching ...

 Micheal> However, the first thing I see is some pointless bickering about DNS
 Micheal> and email.  I am now very turned off because instead of seeing a bunch
 Micheal> of bright developers, I'm seeing a voluminous amount of off-topic
 Micheal> flaming.

	Welcome to real life, as personified by the Debian mailing lists

 "There is nothing so deadly as not to hold up to people the
 opportunity to do great and wonderful things, if we wish to stimulate
 them in an active way." Dr. Harold Urey, Nobel Laureate in chemistry
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