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ITP: biew -- console binary/hex/disasm viewer and editor

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

biew is licensed under the GPL.

Available from

deb http://alfredsson.org debian/
deb-src http://alfredsson.org debian/

Source can be found at http://biew.sourceforge.net

I'm being sponsored by Rick Younie <younie@home.com>

Package: biew
Version: 5.1.2-1

Description: Binary file viewer with builtin editors for bin, hex & disasm
 Along with the view functionality there is a builtin converter/calculator
 for the 4 bases, displays text in 18 codepages, disassembles and
 highlights PentiumIII/K7 Athlon/Cyrix-M2 instructions,
 displays header info for ELF, coff, MZ, PE etc.
 Hex editor handles not/and/or/xor operations
 Users of the DOS program HIEW will be familiar with Biew.


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