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Re: Fwd: Re: Help on Debian Project - Need Me?

Previously Daniele Cruciani wrote:
> About doc-central, I think that a person who is looking for
> docomuntation couldn't find nothing better than doc-central: if you
> add image animated icon (flash make want little space on disk but
> great amount of calculus resourse), it will result more "friendly" in
> some way but tedious in other way.

I don't want anything animated on there, I'm looking for something that
is simple and clean but looks a bit better then it does currently. The
current html also has a problem with mozilla/galeon/etc.: search results
get put in the wrong frame, and I have no idea why..

I'll rewrite bits of doc-central to make it use templates from which
the html is generated and some per-user configuration settings (actually
that is already in there but not used currently), that should make it
easier to customize things.

Wichert (thinking doc-central might be his most succesfull 1-day hack
so far :)

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