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Fwd: Re: Help on Debian Project - Need Me?

Actually, all im trying to say is, how can I help make icons for projects or at least help maintain the website?

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>>"Ben" == Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

 Ben> Well, IMO, anything that goes on the Debian website better be
 Ben> created by free software. No offense, but if I start seeing
 Ben> "Made with Macromedia" or "Designed with Photoshop" on the
 Ben> website, there will be hell to pay :)

        Conversly, if the output is pristine HTML, I see no reason to
 refuse it.

 Ben> There are several criteria for the website, unspoken, but surely everyone
 Ben> knows this:

 Ben> a) It needs to be browsable by text-only browsers without going through
 Ben>    some "click here for cheezy text only site".
 Ben> b) Graphics need to be created in Gimp (is there any other free graphics
 Ben>    program around worth its salt?).
 Ben> c) Geared towards informational and structural concerns rather than "eye
 Ben>    candy".

 Ben> When I go to the Debian webpage, I want answers and information, and I
 Ben> think most people feel the same way.

        You can create lousy, unhelpful HTML with the freest of tools,
 Emacs. ANd you can create helpful content, WAP and cell phone
 accesible not graphical pure HTML pages with a proprietary editor.

        Lets not get overtly political and start refusing offers of
 help in good faith, shall we? God, this is a far cry from the early
 days of the FSF.

 "The Berlin Wall is the defining achievement of socialism." George
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