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Re: X and runlevels

On 04 Sep 2000, Brian Mays <brian@debian.org> wrote:
> Not quite.  The FHS briefly mentions *System V's* runlevel 2 and 3
> (along with Berkley's multiuser state).  It does not specify anything
> about runlevels for Linux or any other OS.

 O.k., you're right - it was on linuxbase.org. Which we support,
according to their main-page. And there is this linked from there:

.----- quote -----
| ------- start of cut text --------------
| 0       halt
| 1       single user mode
| 2       multiuser with no remote networking
| 3       normal/full multiuser
| 4       reserved for local use, default is normal/full multiuser
| 5       xdm or equivalent
| 6       reboot
| ------- end ----------------------------
`----- quote -----

 So, I'm asking, why we don't follow this guidelines?  I don't see any
contradiction with our current approach to leave it up to the user. That
won't interfer IMHO, for the update-rc script (or what ever it's called)
doesn't touch the links if any of them exists, right?  So the user can
still change 'em to her/his likes.

 Now, are we part of the linuxbase-project or aren't we?  I know that
it's not good to take everything without asking it - but the current
setup is somewhat nonsense to me - 4 runlevels with the same setup....

 Just a thought.
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