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Re: X and runlevels

> On 04 Sep 2000, Brian Mays <brian@debian.org> wrote:

> > Not quite.  The FHS briefly mentions *System V's* runlevel 2 and
> > 3 (along with Berkley's multiuser state).  It does not specify
> > anything about runlevels for Linux or any other OS.

Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@innocent.com> replied:

>  O.k., you're right - it was on linuxbase.org. Which we support,
> according to their main-page. ... So, I'm asking, why we don't follow
> this guidelines?

Hmm ... Have you actually read the "Linux Standard Base Specification"?
There's not much there; they have hardly fleshed out any of the
specification.  Personally, I hope that the impact of the whole LSB
project on Debian will be a few minor changes and that most of the
facilities required to be LSB compatible can be supplied by a single
"lsb" Debian package.  That is a long way down the road, however.

> I don't see any contradiction with our current approach to leave it up
> to the user. That won't interfere IMHO, for the update-rc script (or
> what ever it's called) doesn't touch the links if any of them exists,
> right?  So the user can still change 'em to her/his likes.

Go ahead and make a proposal that we adopt a particular runlevel scheme.
Then the developers can vote on it.  It is true that the update-rc
script will still allow the system administrator to customize the links
to his or her own needs.

>  Now, are we part of the linuxbase-project or aren't we?  I know that
> it's not good to take everything without asking it - but the current
> setup is somewhat nonsense to me - 4 runlevels with the same setup....

Not really.  Some of our members are providing input into the project,
but the LSB project doesn't have enough of a standard yet to adhere to,
even if we wanted to adhere to it.

- Brian

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