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Re: Help on Debian Project - Need Me?

>>"Ben" == Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

 Ben> Have you ever seen the header of a JPEG output from PhotoShop?
 Ben> It's full of advert/copyright for the program that created it. A
 Ben> tell tale sign you can get away from without some sort of strip
 Ben> program, which IMO is just cheating.

	Have you looked at the header files from, say, teh X window
 system? It is full of adverts/copyright of several proprietary
 companies. Indeed, various components of our distribution were
 initially created on proprietary hardware, running proprietary OS'es,
 and using proprietary tools. (Again, I offer the X wnidow system as
 an example). 

	We still use the resultant code, since it met open standards,
 the copyright was not too onerous, and it is useful on a free
 platform.  If the code is free to modify and share, and it meets the
 DFSG requirements, why do we care what was used in production? I'm
 sorry, but it sounds like a cross between misplaced zealotry and
 hubris to me, and I am sure we do not want to project that

 Ben> Anyway, we shouldn't be using pure html for out webpages (which
 Ben> I think we don't). I'm pretty sure our webpages are generated
 Ben> from a higher level language.

	This is the correct objection, this is technical, and unless
 dreamweaver can deal with WML, we can't use dreamweaver in developing
 our web pages. (incidentally, you can too create a page using
 dreamweaver, and massage it manually into our framework, and that is
 often how I create WML objects initially).

 Perhaps they will have to outlaw sending random lists of words.  fee
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