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Re: Help on Debian Project - Need Me?

On Sat, Sep 02, 2000 at 10:58:14PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> > Anyway, I'm wondering, is there any need for a website redesign or any icon 
> > needs? I have Adobe Photoshop and I am a expert at it. I use Macromedia 
> > Dreamweaver and I would LOVE to help this great project. I would love to be 
> > on a website redesign team or Icon Creation Team. Does anyone know where I 
> > can go to help on this or who I should contact?
> Well, IMO, anything that goes on the Debian website better be created by
> free software. No offense, but if I start seeing "Made with Macromedia" or
> "Designed with Photoshop" on the website, there will be hell to pay :)


> There are several criteria for the website, unspoken, but surely everyone
> knows this:
> a) It needs to be browsable by text-only browsers without going through
>    some "click here for cheezy text only site".

Agreed.  CSS seems to make graphical pages a little easier to make text

> b) Graphics need to be created in Gimp (is there any other free graphics
>    program around worth its salt?).

Why?  I think this is unnecessarily anal.  Not that you would know if a
graphic was done with gimp or photoshop anyway.

> c) Geared towards informational and structural concerns rather than "eye
>    candy".
> When I go to the Debian webpage, I want answers and information, and I
> think most people feel the same way.

Yes, that is essential.  Making information available is the single most
important thing the website is there for.  Nice web pages are good for
Debian's image, but if the information isn't there the fluff isn't worth
it.  That doesn't mean what the pages look like isn't important, it's just
less important than what's on them.

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