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Re: Help on Debian Project - Need Me?

Today, Jacob Kuntz <jpk@cape.com> wrote:
> does mozilla support SMILE? that's "syncronized multimedia event language",
> a W3 consortium stanard that tries to do much of what flash is capable of.

IIRC, only these programs officially support SMIL at the moment

Apple QuickTime 4.1 
Compaq HPAS 
Helio Barbizon 
Microsoft Player Internet Explorer 5.5 Preview (supports selected
    modules of SMIL Boston draft)
NIST S2M2 Player 
Oratrix Grins 
Productivity Works L p player 
RealNetworks Realplayer 7 

None of them look DFSG-Free to me. Nonetheless, SMIL _is_ a nice tool
to produce something multimedia-ish. Hopefully, somebody writes a
DFSG-Free player in the near future -- but it won't be me, I don't
need it (-:

> not that the debian site NEEDS flash, but that's another debate.


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