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Re: Help on Debian Project - Need Me?

Ben Collins (bcollins@debian.org) wrote:
> Well, IMO, anything that goes on the Debian website better be created by
> free software. No offense, but if I start seeing "Made with Macromedia" or
> "Designed with Photoshop" on the website, there will be hell to pay :)
> There are several criteria for the website, unspoken, but surely everyone
> knows this:

i don't have the source to the bios my system uses to boot, and i bet none
of us have the source for the bios on the build machines. on the other hand,
i don't much care for flash on the debian site.

does mozilla support SMILE? that's "syncronized multimedia event language",
a W3 consortium stanard that tries to do much of what flash is capable of.

not that the debian site NEEDS flash, but that's another debate.

Jacob Kuntz

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