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Re: Help on Debian Project - Need Me?

>> Franklin Belew <frb@balance.wiw.org> writes:

 > If debian isn't even good enough to make our own web pages, how is that
 > going to look in the public eye?
 > 'Yeah, our distribution kicks ass but our web pages require Windows2k
 >  and X proprietary software programs to produce'
 > Get a grip

 Brace yourself for impact: our logo was not created using free
 software.  Even more, software packaged by us wasn't even involved,

 Now that the logo exists, someone would probably be able to reproduce
 it using the Gimp or Octave or Perl or something like that.  The
 person who actually created it didn't use any of that because he was
 more confortable using other tools in another environment.  The
 question is not whether the final product, specifically graphics or
 templates, can be created using Debian, but whether the person
 *actually creating* it feels confortable enough with the tools

 No tool is inherently wrong for a given task, and this specially true
 when you are talking about graphics production.  I know a guy who
 used to sketch portraits on his computer.  Using a CAD program.



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