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Re: RFP: Quadra -- a multiplayer networked smooth tetris game


>> "Edward C. Lang" <edlang@pcug.org.au> writes:

 >     MEM> It be nice if someone packages Quadra for Debian.  It's a
 >     MEM> tetris clone with single and multiuser modes, playable over
 >     MEM> tcp/ip, featuring smooth graphics, worldwide high score lists,
 >     MEM> servers and what not. 
 > Is it significantly different to Tetrinet? I know that gtetrinet is
 > packaged; what's more, it is licenced under the GPL.

 tetrinet? /me looks... wow.  Some people certainly dig this game, don't
 Again, I'm not a tetris fan, but as far as I can see, the differences
 are pretty much a look and feel thing.  Quadra is fullscreen and as far
 as I looked at it it's not themable as gtetrinet.  I don't know if it
 supports tetrinet, but I doubt it.  I don't know if gtetrinet /really/
 requires GNOME (it says so on its readme and the package does require
 the GNOME libs), Quadra doesn't.  As said, it's pretty much a self
 contained package.

 It sounds like you like tetris, perhaps you could take a look at Quadra
 and point out if it's really worth the effort.  My naive non-tetris-fan
 experience suggests people who like tetris would like this game.  But
 my naive non-tetris-fan experience is turned into nothingness after
 seeing what tetrinet is.



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