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Re: ITP: noffle


> On Wed 28 Jun 2000, Paul Slootman wrote:
> > The README says:
> > 
> >   Noffle is a Usenet news server optimized for few users and low speed dial-up
> >   connections to the Internet. It acts as a server to news clients running on
> >   the local host, but gets its news feed by acting as a client to a remote
> >   server. Noffle is written for the GNU/Linux operating system and freely
> >   available under the terms of the GPL. See COPYING for details.

I've since packaged a version that installs itself into inetd.conf,
has init.d, cron and ip-up/ip-down scripts, etc. which works pretty
well for me. It's been sitting in incoming for a couple of weeks
now; as potato is now officially released, I hope the incoming
backlog will start to go down so that noffle is installed into woody.

Paul Slootman
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