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Re: ITP gnome-applets

Le Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 11:00:50PM +0200, Christian Marillat écrivait:
> I want to split this package because it's very huge
> -rw-r--r--    1 marillat marillat  4042048 mai 26 12:52 gnome-applets_1.2.0-0.0_i386.deb
> Installed-Size: 7120

That's not a reason to split the package. Mozilla is more than 10 mb and
is not splitted. :-)

> and I use only one applet...

That's your case, I know other people who use much more. Myself, I use 6
applets on my laptop. And I really doesn't want to have to install 6
packages just to have my applets. Separating them by net/amusement/monitor
isn't a good idea either since I use approximately one of each category.

Really, all the applets provided upstream should be available in a single
package. The packaging done by helix seems reasonable (only the big
gtk-themes is contestable). Also considering the number of people who are
using helix gnome we really should try to be compatible to ease the
upgrade between the 2 sets of packages (I already said I wanted them to be
the same !).

And the selection of good applets is already done at the Gnome level. Not all
available applets are in gnome-applets.

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