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Re: splitting up kernel-image into two pieces


Nick Cabatoff schrieb:
> It's not that it does anything 'wrong' per se, it's that I don't agree
> that installing a kernel image on a machine should make it the only
> operative one.  Put another way, I want to have multiple kernel images
> available sometimes; I don't want the order in which they're installed
> to matter, and I don't want putting the kernel on disk to potentially
> make the machine unbootable.  (These issues are particularly important
> to me because on our system packages are mostly installed 
> noninteractively.)

My lilo.conf refers to kernels as eg /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.16, and
thus I can't break booting the already installed kernels (except
if I recompiled an alread installed version). I don't see why
this would not work for you.

With boot loaders that can read the FS (silo, afaik grub) you
can even let the default config be and can boot the kernels in
/boot manually in case it does not work otherwise.

Don't see your problem.

ciao, 2ri
0 and 1. Now what could be so hard about that?

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