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splitting up kernel-image into two pieces

What do others think of the idea of having kernel images exist in two
seperate packages?  

One would Provide and Conflict with kernel-image-V and contain the
actual files; it would have a very minimal set of inst/rm scripts
however, and wouldn't try and take care of hardly any of the stuff it
does now.  

The other (let's called it kernel-selection-V) would Provide
kernel-selection and Depend on kernel-image-V and would contain all
the logic the current kernel-image does in its maintainer scripts.  It
would conflict with other kernel-selection packages.

The benefit of this approach is that you can install and remove
kernel-images at your discretion without them screwing around with
your actual setup.  Only if you modify the kernel-selection package
does your actual boot potentially get changed.

Anyway, I'm doing something like this for our site, so I just thought
I'd see whether the idea had appeal for anyone else as well.

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