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Re: Please don't remove libc5 - old non-free software might need it!

> > Your fear is based on the FUD that removing it from woody makes it
> > completely unavailable for users, and mysteriously removes it from existing
> > systems. 
> ? This is a strawman. I can't think of anyone who believes this. 

If the software is still availble, then there is no argument, and also no
reason to leave it in. libc5 will not change. No new archs can use it (or
would even want to, since their existence is post-libc5, so they don't need
the backward compatibility). Why keep it around, when it is obsolete, and
way past it's required backward compatible timeframe?

IOW, how would removing it from woody actually hurt anything? And don't
argue about why it wouldn't hurt to keep it, because even libc5-alt package
maintainers want it removed. Keeping in woody the small group of
"bleeding-edge, legacy application using" folks don't have to worry about
it not showing up in dselect's obsolete list (which doesn't hurt anything),
is completely useless to anyone.

> Also, from the Jargon File "FUD /fuhd/ n. ... has become generalized to
> refer to any kind of disinformation used as a _competitive_ weapon." 
> (Emphasis mine) Unless you're claiming that Harald Schmid is the secret
> tool of a competetor (and even that would be streaching the original
> definition), it's not correct to call it FUD.
> > Even upgrading to post-potato distributions will not cause libc5 to be
> > uninstalled, or your libc5 applications to be broken.
> Are you promsing that? If so, then why not leave it in? If it's
> going to take too much maintainance to leave it in, then it's probably going 
> to break without that maintaince. i.e. upgrading to post-potato distributions
> is probably going to cause you libc5 applications to be broken.

Again, fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Regardless of the intention, your fear
is not based on any sound reasoning, and thus, has no value in this


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