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Re: lprng as 'stantard' package (was: Re: Test packages for libc6 2.1.91+cvs)

It surprises me that somebody else is having the same problem, and it isn't
fixed. I have a Citizen GSX-190 dot-matrix printer emulating Epson,
and I have the same problem, too much space at the top, little at the
bottom. And now, with the latest kernels, I cannot print more than
3 pages in manual-sheet mode because it reports `out of paper' and
stop printing. I also think the only way to print something will be to
buy another printer. I am reporting the problem to the kernel guys,
but I don't think I have much future.


Brian May <bam@debian.org> writes:
> Agreed. Although I don't particular like printing via gs either - as
> the margins always come out wrongly (eg. a big margin at the top of
> the page means that there isn't enough room at the bottom, so the
> bottom part of the page forms a new page of its own. Also Printing a
> 2up page from a2ps is impossible with my printers, without something
> being chopped off). Or is that just my cheap and dodgy printers?
> It is my naive opinion that the only way to print reliably and
> accurately from Linux (as distinct from trial and error) is to pay
> more for a postscript compatible printer (unless you know somebody who
> has already gone through the process, *and* the printer in question
> isn't obsolete and can still be purchased).
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