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Re: lprng as 'stantard' package (was: Re: Test packages for libc6 2.1.91+cvs)

>>>>> "Pablo" == Pablo Baena <pbaena@fnmail.com> writes:

    Pablo> It surprises me that somebody else is having the same
    Pablo> problem, and it isn't fixed. I have a Citizen GSX-190
    Pablo> dot-matrix printer emulating Epson, and I have the same
    Pablo> problem, too much space at the top, little at the

Have a look at align.ps, in /usr/lib/ghostscript/5.10/ on my
system. Print this out and follow the instructions. On one printer
this now results in one page printed per page input (although the
margins are still hopelessly wrong, and the last line of text,
(IIRC) is chopped off).

On another printer it makes the situation worse. gs cannot print on
the bottom inch of the paper - this is done on a Windows computer
using the Windows print driver, as despite some people claiming that
the BJC5000 is ghostscript compatible, it isn't.  Funnily enough
though, ghostscript can automatically turn the printer on, but the
Windows driver can't ;-).  Other Windows programs can print on the
full page fine...
    Pablo> bottom. And now, with the latest kernels, I cannot print
    Pablo> more than 3 pages in manual-sheet mode because it reports
    Pablo> `out of paper' and stop printing. I also think the only way
    Pablo> to print something will be to buy another printer. I am
    Pablo> reporting the problem to the kernel guys, but I don't think
    Pablo> I have much future.

Sounds like the problem I frequently have trying to print on my
BJC5000 printer using the Windows driver (except it doesn't print
anything) :-(. I think the error is "communications error". Resetting
the power at the power point might help, but I haven't tried this yet.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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