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Test packages for libc6 2.1.91+cvs

I've gotten a set of packages using glibc 2.2pre from CVS. There are
binaries for sparc and i386, aswell as the source package. I'm interested
in several things:

1) Compilation success/failure on other archs
2) Testing of these packages, especially WRT, compiling other packages. DO
   NOT file bugs on these packages. Send email to me. DO NOT file bugs to
   glibc-bugs. They don't want anyone using this in production systems
   anyway. I'm taking responsibility for this, and I don't want people
   flooding them with trivial problems that I can filter properly to them.

A few caveats:


   I cannot stress this enough. If you upload a package that depends on
   libc6 (>= 2.1.91-1), I will personally lart you :)

2) NSS1 compat libraries are not installed with this set. From what I have
   been told, these allow you to use old libc5 conf files with libc6. If
   you are one of the crazy ones that actually do this, don't install this
   set. The NSS1 compat libraries from the 2.1.3 package wont compile with
   this source, and I'm not sure it's worth getting it to compile.

3) The lpr package breaks with this. It is the only broken package I have
   encountered so far. This is NOT a bug in glibc, it is a bug in lpd for
   using __ivaliduser(), which is an INTERNAL glibc function, and not even
   documented. Thus, lpr is broken. According to the comments in the glibc
   source, lpr should be using ruserok() or iruserok(), and I have filed a
   bug to this affect, but judging by the bug reports already filed on
   lpr, I don't think it will get fixed. I WILL NOT hack around it in
   glibc. This is what happens when you use undocumented things, and
   especially when you have as crappy of code as there is in lpr. I looked
   at it in the hopes of fixing it...and well, I wont do that again.


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