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The fate of libc5

Currently libc5 is only still supported under i386 and m68k (AFAICT). It
hasn't been our primary libc since bo, which will be 3 releases out of
date when potato releases. Isn't it time to get rid of this? Are there any
compelling reasons to continue to have it around? I think most
commercial, closed-source applications for Linux now use glibc anyway, so
I don't see any reason at all to keep it around, except to compile all
those old ip exploits from rootshell.com.

I think we should move libc5 out of woody very soon. A lot of very old
cruft and hacks (ldso) are still around because of this. If we can get rid
of libc5, ldso will become obsoleted by libc6 2.2.x (since it contains a
very good ldconfig and ldd, and ld-linux.so.1 wont be needed anymore). It
also means that nss1 compat modules will not beed needed, this again
reducing the amount of cruft/hacks in the default build.

Anyone else agree, or can give a real reason why this shouldn't be the

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