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Re: init script config files

"Bernhard R. Link" wrote:
> On Sat, 8 Jul 2000, Christopher W. Curtis wrote:
> > As I said initially, and said specifically to you, it is not, cannot, is
> > should not try to be a end-all solution.  Every initscript that uses
> > defaults.d (config.d - whatever) does *not* need to be a conffile.  And
> But sometimes not everything can go in it. When your script only switches
> lights on or off, some variables may reach. But image other
> situations. The User want to add some parameter to a call or call another
> programm. You can make everything a Variable, but what about adding a

I've given up the "it should not be a conffile" bit as it is simply
perplexing.  However, I stand by the "does not need to be" as the entire
script could be reimplemented in what is supposed to be a config file,
which would not be removed even if the script were.

> > How does SuSe handle this?  Caldera?  TurboLinux?  We know that RedHat
> I had to change a little bit on a system boild on top of an old suse.
> It was terrible. The script called a script, which called onother, which
> called the first with different paramters which called aanother. After the

I'm certainly not advocating anything of the sort.  The deepest I got
was "source script 'a'.  'a' gets name/value pairs from a configuration
defaults file, then from an override file."  It happens to pass
arguments to the override file so that admins can make permanent changes
there if they wanted (that is, it sees 'start', 'stop', etc.)

> > I think you might be in the minority, then, as anyone who has used kill
> > should be able determine what "stop) term foo;;" and "restart) usr1
> > foo;;" *probably* do.
> You can imagin what they propably do. But when you have strange behaviour
> and the subrotine is not 2 lines above, it still gets terrible.

At the first sign of trouble, I 'sh -x' the script, but that's me.

[putting printing errorcodes into start-stop-daemon]
> I don't know, if s-s-d already is able to. But when not fill a
> wishlist-bug against s-s-d.

I could, but I imagine I'll get yelled at for exceeding domain.  It's
start-stop-daemon, not start-stop-{status,feedback}-daemon.


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