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Re: slink dpkg failed assertion/potato dpkg in slink

On Jul 11, Josip Rodin wrote:
> > > Actually, it should be "-n -D." (that's how it is in my CVS checkout),
> > > meaning it's an option to be passed on to nsgmls.
> > 
> > That makes a great deal of sense.  Wichert, should I file a bug for
> > this one-byte fix, or (sense I imagine you're following this thread
> > anyway) will you make the change without it?  
> What is the version of dpkg source you were trying to compile? Maybe it was
> fixed already (since potato branch in CVS has it fixed).

I'm using the 1.6.14 that's currently available in potato.  Whether or
not it's fixed in CVS though, I think the version apt-get source
fetches should be compileable.

> > Incidently, dpkg-source unpacks the 'debian' directory with mode
> > 2755, which prevents dpkg-deb from executing properly.  Anyone
> > care to hazard a guess why it's done that way?
> The `.' directory has the same mode for some reason, so debian/ just
> picked it up? Just a wild guess...

Good guess!  Thanks again.

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