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Re: The fate of libc5


On Mon, Jul 10, 2000 at 01:19:19PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> I think we should move libc5 out of woody very soon. A lot of very old
> cruft and hacks (ldso) are still around because of this. If we can get rid
> of libc5, ldso will become obsoleted by libc6 2.2.x (since it contains a
> very good ldconfig and ldd, and ld-linux.so.1 wont be needed anymore). It
> also means that nss1 compat modules will not beed needed, this again
> reducing the amount of cruft/hacks in the default build.

Those are very good reasons to remove libc5 and -compat packages from woody.
We should however make an attempt at release time (woody+) and check if one
can still install the old libc5 packages from potato, so people who need
them can get them from archive.debian.org.

I did some effort a year ago to update the libc5 package to the latest
version. It is not maintained upstream anymore, and there will be no new
Debian version. Including the libc5 packages in woody would be "just for

The point is that we can't reasonably keep the -compat packages up to date,
and there is no need to do so, as all libc5 software that depends on them
will probably not be updated either. So it is best to use the old potato
libc5 libs with the old libc5 based software. We should remove all the cruft
and hacks from the build scripts.

Of course, we could still keep the old packages in the archive, but this
is causing other problems, as we also would need to keep the old source
packages etc.

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