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Re: Does Security matter at all?

On Tue, Jul 04, 2000 at 03:42:12PM +0300, Ari Makela wrote:
> Alexander N. Benner writes:
> > Hi
> > I am realy puzzled by some discussions here.
> > 1st the quite obvious security *BUG* in the MBR, then the discussion about
> > autofs.
> > I get the idea that Debian, at least some developers here, do not care at all
> > about security as long as it reduces felxibility or comfort.
> Why? There's absolutely no way to secure a system when untrusted
> people have physical access to the computer. Computers with
Yes, there is no way to make it 100% secure.  But thats like saying
"Well, i'm always going to have windows for robbers to come in, so
why should i lock my doors?".  There will always be problems with
physical security, but the point is to reduce them to as many as possible.
> confidential information must be behind locked doors. As has been
Noone said anything about confidential information.  What about computer
labs?  Just about everyone has physical access.  Noone is going to just
set up a lab, say "oh well, since we gave physical access there is no
security here.  Might as well just leave the root password blank".

> repeated in this thread many times. There is no other solution. It's
> much more trivial cracking a system when one doesn't use the claimed
> autofs bug.
It may be trivial, but that still doesn't mean we should leave the
doors unlocked, just because we have windows.

> It's of no use to lock you doors when you have a tank sized hole in
> your wall. 
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