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Re: Does Security matter at all?

Alexander N. Benner writes:
> Hi
> I am realy puzzled by some discussions here.
> 1st the quite obvious security *BUG* in the MBR, then the discussion about
> autofs.
> I get the idea that Debian, at least some developers here, do not care at all
> about security as long as it reduces felxibility or comfort.

Why? There's absolutely no way to secure a system when untrusted
people have physical access to the computer. Computers with
confidential information must be behind locked doors. As has been
repeated in this thread many times. There is no other solution. It's
much more trivial cracking a system when one doesn't use the claimed
autofs bug.

It's of no use to lock you doors when you have a tank sized hole in
your wall. 

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