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Re: sensible-x-terminal and x-terminal-emulator


From: Vincent Zweije <zweije@xs4all.nl>
Subject: Re: sensible-x-terminal and x-terminal-emulator
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 17:10:46 +0200

> This may be a little late, but I'd like to point out that there two
> kinds of X terminals:
>  -- A terminal emulator running under X (xterm, rxvt, yadda yadda);
>  -- A graphical terminal (hardware) basically running nothing but an
>     X server.
> If you choose wording like "sensible-x-terminal" and "XTERMINAL", these
> two kinds of X terminals are confused (well, maybe not to developers but
> certainly to end users).  It might be advisable to choose something to
> better indicate the difference.  Tossing some ideas:

Thank you for comment.  I have not thought about that.

>     sensible-x-term-emu
>     sensible-x-term-emulator
>     sensible-xterm-emulator
>     sensible-xterm
>     XTERM

I personally don't like long package name more than 14 characters
because 'dpkg -l' displays only top 14 characters.  However, I think
'sensible-xterm' is also confusing because 'xterm' is a name for
specific X terminal emulator.  

After all, the package name is not important because I hope it will
be integrated into debianutils package!  So I neglect 14-characters

If we don't mind the length of the name, 'sensible-x-terminal-emulator'
and '$XTERMINALEMULATOR' will be the most straightforward name.  However,
even if we admit 'sensible-x-terminal-emulator' because users won't
type the name, '$XTERMINALEMULATOR' is surely too long.

Thus I would like to adopt 'sensible-x-term-emu' and '$XTERMEMU'.
Any comments?

# Don't think this is a mere problem on name, since this will be
# integrated into debianutils. :-)

> Please think about this.  If we want to change the wording, it's got
> to be done NOW before "sensible-x-terminal" and "XTERMINAL" are too
> commonly used.

I assent.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.or.jp>

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