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rman (PolyglotMan) + TkMan are now under the Artistic License.

Based on http://{polyglotman, tkman}.sourceforge.net:

As of 22 June 2000 - PolyglotMan (rman) 3.0.9, and TkMan 2.1 are released. 
They are at long last Open Source, under the Artistic License.

rman (3.0.8) is currently in non-free. TkMan has no official deb maintainer.
Unofficial deb for TkMan 2.1b4 [Depends: tk8.3 (>= 8.3.0-1), rman (>= 
3.0.8-1)] can be found on ftp.linux.org.il/pub/local-dev/shaulk.
I intend to upload there a deb for TkMan 2.1 shortly after there will be an 
official deb in woody for the new rman.

	--  Shaul Karl <shaulk@israsrv.net.il>

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