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Re: sensible-x-terminal and x-terminal-emulator


From: Robert Bihlmeyer <robbe@orcus.priv.at>
Subject: Re: sensible-x-terminal and x-terminal-emulator
Date: 23 Jun 2000 15:02:31 +0200

> Why don't you write a sensible-x-terminal script, and package it? Then
> everybody unsatisfied with the current solution can install it. I
> don't think policy discussion is necessary for that.

Ok.  I wrote it.  Thank you for suggesting to write it.  Since 
I am not an official developer and the registration process is 
in progess, I cannot upload the package.  Instead, the package 
is available at:

My version of sensible-x-terminal check $XTERMINAL environmental
variable.  And more, it checks LC_CTYPE locale and invokes proper
X terminal emulator for multibyte languages (CJK) and combining 
character languages (Thai).  Thus it is written not in shell script
but in C.

This package cannot be a solution because other softwares which 
invoke terminal (for example, Debian menu system) should invoke 
sensible-x-terminal instead of x-terminal-emulator or xterm.  
This is because sensible-x-terminal is not intended to be invoked 
by the user directly but by other softwares (Debian menu system 
and so on) as a default terminal.

I am writing sensible-x-terminal not because it offers the solution
but because it can make the discussion more concrete.  So, please
check my package and continue the discussion.

The solution should be one of them:

 - sensible-x-terminal is included in debianutils package or
 - menu package and so on Depends: on sensible-x-terminal package
   which I am now writing.

Please note that my package doesn't show its ability to the full
unless Debian Policy says that sensible-x-terminal has to be a
default terminal.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.or.jp>

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