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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free, Draft 2

On Wed, Jun 07, 2000 at 07:48:31AM -0400, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> I would, for instance, happily rid my HD of the non-free MySQL---but
> for the moment it does things that PostgreSQL (and the free MySQL)
> simply won't (tuples > 8K WRT Pg and indices > 127 chars WRT the free
> version), and I am too busy to do much more than read the PostgreSQL
> developers list and cheer from the sidelines.

try the latest version of postgresql, version 7. it's in unstable
"woody" right now. according to the release notes, all such limits have
been removed. (you may have to recompile the source package if you want
it to run on slink or potato).

i haven't done much with it yet except upgrade most of my postgres 6.5
servers (which, aside from some initial upgrade hassles, work fine after
the upgrade) but it certainly seems to be better and faster than the old

> Mind you, PostgreSQL is supposed to get facilities for this this fall,
> and I will be busily at work converting everything in sight from MySQL
> to PostgreSQL, but until then, Debian would be much less useful to me
> if I had to install MySQL by hand.

yes, that is why i am against the proposed general resolution. the
right way to advocate free software is to highlight it's features and
recommend it's use where it is appropriate.


craig sanders

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