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General Resolution: Removing non-free, Draft 2

Due to some comments I've received (thanks Adam and Branden), and a
few weaknesses I've seen, I've revised my proposal.  Here it is with
revisions.  My understanding is that if you seconded the original,
you'll need to second this one as well.  Also, more seconds are needed
and encouraged, but please be aware that you should sign your second
with your GPG key.

I'll include the updated Resolution only and not reproduce the Rationale
here.  For that you may refer to my original post.

Debian General Resolution


A. That the Debian Social Contract with the Free Software Community be
amended as follows:

  1. That text of Section 5 be modified to read: "We acknowledge that
  some of our users require the use of programs that don't conform to
  the Debian Free Software Guidelines.  While we will not distribute
  such software itself, we have created areas in our archive for
  packages that help install or otherwise requre this software.  The
  software in these areas is not part of the Debian system, although
  it has been configured for use with Debian."  The title of
  Section 5 shall be modified to read: "We will support users of our
  system who develop or run non-free software."

  2. That Section 1 be amended such that the final sentence reads: "We
  will neither distribute nor make the system depend upon an item of
  non-free software."

B. That the non-free areas be removed from current Debian archives,
and that all packages so placed there in accordance with the
definition in Policy section 2.1.4 be removed from the Distribution
and archives.  The introduction into the Debian Distribution or the
Debian archives of any package meeting the non-free definition in
Policy section 2.1.4, or failing the Debian Free Software Guidelines,
shall be forbidden.

C. That the maintainer of the Debian Policy Manual, or an appointee of
the Debian Project Leader, be directed to update that manual
respective of the changes to the Project and general Project policy
detailed in sections A and B above.

D. That the maintainers of the Debian archives and website, or an
appointee of the Debian Project Leader, be directed to implement the
changes to the Debian archives and website to reflect the changes to
Debian enacted by the foregoing clauses in this Resolution.

E. That the disposition of the non-free areas in historical, released,
and frozen Debian Distrubutions and archives shall be determined per
the Debian Constitution.

--------  end of Resolution --------

Branden Robinson's assistance with this revision is greatfully

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