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Re: ITP: gnocatan

Okay, I think that after having some time to mull things over a bit, I'll
agree with Dave. The code needs to start being seen by a bit larger
audience, and even though it's been announced on places such as Freshmeat
and been on the SF most active list for some time, we've yet to break 300
tarball downloads (Well, actually, now that I think about it, that's
pretty impressive, and that doesn't count RPM and DEB releases, but

> The protocol in the 0.5.0 release downloadable from SourceForge is not
> compatible with the current CVS version.  I would prefer it if a new
> set of files were cut and packaged for Debian unstable.

> Don't get the 0.5.0 files.  They are more buggy than the current CVS
> code.  We should really get Andrew to build a 0.5.5 set of packages
> and files so that all of us can run the same game.

10-4... I'm going to check the recent CVS submissions and make sure that
cutting a load with a 0.5.5 version is OK, as far as protocols go. If it's
not compatable, I'll pop the version number again. In any matter, I'll get
some new packages built and tossed into the anon FTP area. We've got most
of the major nasty bugs that we've seen fixed and most of us are working
on improvements.

> Jeff> Who knows, maybe I'll be an official maintainer by the time
> Jeff> Gnocatan is good-to-go.

Jeff, if you're still interested in maintaining the Debian packages of
this, I'll go ahead and hand it off to you. I'm probably not the most
experienced package maintainer, and didn't even notice the files list for
the server was out of date until some nice soul emailed me a diff. I'm not
sure how much of the maintainance a package maintainer does (Do you just
keep the Debian distro updated with our packages, or do you actually
maintain the debian/ directory in our source?) If it's the second, you'll
need to get a SourceForge account and let me know what it is so I can add
you as a developer.

My main concern now is that in the near future, our codebase is going to
be undergoing a fairly decent overhaul as we seperate code into the base
game code and the GUI code so that we can make an attempt at creating a
Windows client. This has a chance at introducing an entirely new set of
bugs into the software, but after the code seperation is done, the only
things that should go into the game as far as the Linux side is concerned
are new game features and client interface improvments (This is a big one
as the current interface almost -requires- a 1024x768 screen size) My
original intent was to keep Gnocatan out of distros until we got this
seperation complete, but as it goes now, it's a fairly slow process, and
it shouldn't effect the overall stability of the game much, if we do it
carefully (Though again, this isn't a guarantee)

I'd say that the need to get this program out to more of 'the masses'
outweighs the problem faced by bugs, so lets go ahead and get it into the
unstable branch of Debian. I'll leave it to you to get it in, Jeff, as you
know more than I about doing so.

I'll get the packages built tonight or tomorrow (Prolly tonight unless I
get pulled away for some Unreal Tournament :) and they should be ready to

Any questions or suggestions, just contact me at the above address.

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