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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

How about leaving the choice to the people, not bugging the users, and
not crippling the distribution?  That's what I've proposed.

Note: the distribution does not contain non-free now.

grendel@vip.net.pl (Marek Habersack) writes:

> ** On Jun 09, Thomas Bushnell, BSG scribbled:
> > > take steps to clarify that.  IMHO removing non-free entirely is a much more
> > > radical measure than is called for.
> > 
> > Can you please suggest some concrete steps to end the confusion then?
> > Perhaps some of us might be willing to abandon our support for the GR
> > if we knew that some of the problems with the current system were
> > being address in some way.
> How about informing the user on *every* step that the software s/he is going
> to install isn't free and there are free replacements? Bug the users, but
> don't cripple the distribution - leave the choice to the people, don't force
> them to your policy. *that's* democracy - inform and leave the decision to
> people, they aren't dumb. If you will keep stressing that it is against the
> free software community spirit to use the non-free packages you will achieve
> more than by *forcing* people not to use the software. People don't like to
> be forced, commanded and told what to do.
> marek

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