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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 10:23:01PM +0200, Fabrice Gautier wrote:

> I think Every Debian Users know Debian is about Free Software.
> Users are not so dumb. The existence of non-free is already a good-clue.

Then why have a gajillion people replied to this proposal by begging
us not to "remove Netscape from Debian"?

> And furthermore the existence of non-free means Debian make a clear
> distinction between free and non-free. Once non-free is gone, it will
> not be clearer that all packages are free. 

Why not?  If there is no non-free, then every package supplied by
Debian will be free.

> And when users will pick up
> software from another locations they won't be abble to know if it is
> not in Debian because it's non-free, or because it's not packaged yet
> by an Official Debian maintener.

If it isn't packaged, it won't matter; either way, they'll have to
install it themselves.  If the user is interested in packaging it and
submitting it to Debian for inclusion, (s)he will have to go through
new-maintainer, at which point the user should be thoroughly educated
as to the difference and why it matters.

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