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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 02:12:38PM -0500, Jeff Licquia wrote:

> And, technically, they're right.  Sure, we exclude it from our CDs,
> but our default sources.list has non-free right there.  What is the
> difference between, say, "apt-get install mozilla" and "apt-get
> install netscape" to our users?  Do they understand that there is a
> difference?

Oh, yes i think they understand when they see a page with: "Your
browser does not support Java" or when a box entitled "Please find the
Personnal Security manager application" open on every secured site

As a user I understand that.

And when doing "apt-get install netscape", they surely will understand
the "netscape: there is no such package" as "Debian Sucks" and not
"Debian is about Free Software" - Those who won't think that already
know about the difference between Mozilla and Netscape.

(Changing the message to : "netscape: this is non-free software, use
an alternative or go elsewere" would help more)

I think Every Debian Users know Debian is about Free Software.

Users are not so dumb. The existence of non-free is already a good-clue.

And furthermore the existence of non-free means Debian make a clear
distinction between free and non-free. Once non-free is gone, it will
not be clearer that all packages are free. And when users will pick up
software from another locations they won't be abble to know if it is
not in Debian because it's non-free, or because it's not packaged yet
by an Official Debian maintener.


Fabrice Gautier

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