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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free, Draft 2

> That was appallingly, inexcusably offensive.

Sorry, lost my nerves. See the rest of the messages originating from the same 

> Francesco claimed that the vast majority of people only have a modem
> connection, and that the majority of people use CD installs.


> Lots of people use CDs.  Lots of people don't.  It's interesting (and
> even germane to this discussion) to guess how many people do each, but
> since we don't appear to know the answer, I don't think your attitude
> was justified.

Unfortunately we never know. That is one of the direct consequences of free. 

I think we should estimate from what people actually get as a net connection. 

I have been remarked on cable modems, etc, but they are still exemption and 
unavailable in quite a lot of places (or service is crap). Fact is fact, most 
of EU still has a questionable quality modem connection and is paying a hefty 
premium for it as it is not flat rate. Downloading packages "rpmfind" style 
(when you wrestle half a day with dependancies and download 10 times more 
stuff than you need) looks really bad from that perspective.


I suggest we ask the retailers (there are a few in the UK) and sunsite 
(serving images) to provide some stats if this issue still stand.

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