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Re: General Resolution: Removing non-free, Draft 2

> You would apparantly be surprised about how little is available for free
> from the local phone company.

Your mail origins from a shell account at loyola so shut up. 

Having free access from university does not entitle you to think that the rest 
of the world has one and can download the two CDs for free. That is you only.

That is besides how long does it actually take to download two CDs via a modem 
line. To remind you most of the world even when paying outrageous phone bills 
still gets no more than a dual ISDN at 128K. Usually no more than 64K. Go and 
install debian over the net on that.

Please. Make my day, I would highly enjoy you coming back and reporting 
statistics. Especially for a full apt-get for X. Especially for three 
platforms (some people happen to have m68K and other old junk as well).

So most of us have to go and buy from local distributors/bundlers. Along with 
non-US and non-free. And I would like that non-free to install properly. 
Because if it does not it may cost me about the price of the full Suse CD set 
along with a R00TH4T pitched in to sort out dependencies downloading from 
obscure places.

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