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Re: My present position, in opposition of anything resembling non-free in social contract

On Fri, Jun 09, 2000 at 12:34:13AM -0700, Jim Lynch wrote:
> For the record, I hereby disclaim any promise whatsoever to support non-free
> software in any way whatsoever.

Then I expect there will be a number of people who want you booted from the
project, because:

* To become, and continue to be, a Debian developer you have to agree to
  abide by the terms of the Social Contract with regards to your work for
* Many people interpret Section 5 of the Social Contract as a firm commitment
  to future activity, and not a description of the status quo at the time the
  Social Contract was ratified -- that is, that we are in fact committed to
  supporting non-free software directly by providing archives of it and
  infrastructural support for it; and
* The Social Contract must be immutable, therefore John's proposal to amend
  it is impossible, and it cannot be changed in such a way as to bring your
  stance into harmony with the Social Contract.

I agree only with the first point.

I imagine a great many of us would be thus persecuted or purged from the
Project if we were brave enough to take a stance like yours.

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