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Re: profile.d [was Re: UMASK 002 or 022?]

"Miros/law `Jubal' Baran" <baran@makabra.knm.org.pl> wrote:

> 8.06.2000 pisze Brian Mays (brian@debian.org):
> > Packages should not *need* to set environment variables.  All
> > applications in a package should work correctly, by default, without
> > requiring *any* environment variables to be set.  Therefore, no
> > package should need to set an environment variable.
> The only exception I see for this are the LC_* and LANG variables for
> default system localization.

Hmm ... Would this best be handled by a package?  Or would it be better
handled by some sort of program that edits /etc/environment (or
something similar) and sets these variables?  In that way, this program
could list all possibilities at once and let the administrator choose
from a menu.  Personally, I think that the program would be more

- Brian

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