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Re: New Debian Maintainers

In message <8766rl835p.fsf@dt-jtlaptop.datatrans>, James Troup writes:
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>[ Please do not reply to debian-devel-announce. ]
>[ One last time to debian-devel-announce.  Unfortunately, I didn't get
>  very much feedback as to which list I should post to and the
>  majority of it suggested the announces stay on here.  I don't
>  actually think these posts are important enough to merit being on
>  debian-devel-announce, so from next week on they will go to
>  debian-project.  If you don't like this, say so... ]
  IMO if a) noone complains and b) you still want to announce this, I'd 
really suggest staying here.  It shows the project is 'alive' to the world 
(always good :) and is not high-volume, high-noise or anything negative. I 
agree its not important enough for the thousands of users (10s of thousands 
on d-a) on the other two lists.  Otherwise I'd even be for a 
debian-projetc-announce list where project/procedural items would be 
announced... maybe approved proposals etc. could go there too then.  What do 
you think?


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